DJ Templar's Playlist from The Red Party Saturday, September 14th

A big thank you to all of you who came out and partied with us. It was a wonderfully fun Red Party! We would love to thank Night Gallery for such an amazing performance and here is hoping for a reunion in your future. Also, thank you to our special guest DJ Ana Vice who did such a great job keeping the dance-floor packed! As always, a bow to our (g)Hostess M Banshie who is the Gothic cherry on-top of this Doomy Sundae of Doom!

Here is my contribution for the night. Sift and discover!


Set 1.

Watch and Learn / New Model Army

The Wait / Killing Joke

Public Image / Public Image Limited

Warsaw / Joy Division

Gary Gilmore’s Eye / The Adverts

Incest / Joy Disaster

Republik / The Bellwether Syndicate

Ho Ka Hey / Psi - Com

Caucasian Walk - Virgin Prunes

Shadows of Hiroshima - Pawns

Face / Christian Death

Beauty of Poison / Specimen

Set 2.

Hearts fade Out / The Foreign Resort

Silhouette / Creux Lies

Crystal / Actors

Glory / Cold Cave

Touch (part one) / Bootblacks

A Victory of Love / Sjoblom

Blind Sublime / Peter Murphy

Push / The Cure

Forevermore / Rosetta Stone

This Corrosion / The Sisters of Mercy

Living Dead or Undecided / Pretentious Moi?

The Passion of Lovers / Bauhaus

Second Skin / The Chameleons

Set 3.

Purity / New Model Army (r)

Enjoy The Silence / Depeche Mode (r)

Open Your Eyes / David Hasselhoff

Open Your Eyes The Lords of New Church

Heartland / The Sisters of Mercy

Psychonaut Lib/ ii / Fields of The Nephilim

Big Neon Glitter / The Cult

Paris St. Germaine / The Pogues

Coming up

Saturday, October 12th - Actors & Bootblacks Live!

Saturday November 9th -The Chameleons Vox, Theatre of Hate & Gene Loves Jezebel